Support current and future CRNA students!

CRNA Endowed Scholarship Fund A Project of School of Nursing Scholarships

As practicing CRNAs, we have the ability to reduce some of the stress that current nurse anesthesia students - our future colleagues – face. UMSON's nurse anesthesia program is ranked 7th in the nation and each year graduates students who will carry on our honored profession; today, we have a golden opportunity to help its future. UMSON's Nurse Anesthetist Special Interest Group (NA SIG) would like to establish an endowed scholarship for nurse anesthesia students.

Please join this effort to encourage and support future nurse anesthesia students. If we combine our gifts and pledges we can reach, and even exceed, the goal to endow a scholarship.

About UMSON's Nurse Anesthetist Special Interest Group

The purpose of the group is to provide opportunities for UMSON's NA alumni to stay connected and involved with the School and assist current CRNA students with professional development. The chapter will be overseen by an Alumni Council member-at-large and the senior associate director of alumni relations.

Goals and Objectives

  • Communicate with NA alumni about chapter developments, upcoming events, and programs
  • Provide professional development and career information to current students
  • Hold a UMSON/NA reception at the AANA National Conference
  • Raise funds for scholarship assistance and professional conference support for current students
  • Hold an information event during Nurse Anesthesia Week

Supported by 2 Donations:

  • Teckla C.
    Teckla C. '13
    I Gave $250
    We can do this!!!!
  • Silhouette
    Anonymous '12