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The University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) Office of Global Health (OGH) emerged from UMSON's 2003-2006 Strategic Plan, which called on the School to “establish a global health initiative in education, research, and practice." In January 2009 the OGH was officially established with Dr. Jeffrey Johnson as director to lead the School's effort to integrating and fostering global health activities, developing meaningful opportunities for students and faculty, and building sustainable partnerships that focus on strengthening the critical role of nurses in the global health workforce. The Office of Global Health is deeply committed to serving local and global communities through the lens of social justice.

Our Vision

Building nursing capacity, strengthening health systems, and improving global health

Our Mission

1. Educate nurses to be aware of global health inequity

2. Develop local and global partnerships to support the capacity of nurses to improve and strengthen health systems in resource-limited settings

3. Build global nursing capacity through increasing access to advanced knowledge and practice

4. Provide opportunities for transformational nurse exchanges between countries

5. Work to protect the health and safety of nurses and other health care workers by helping to improve their work environment

6. Contribute to the global effort for expanding nursing's leadership role in changing health policies and improving health systems

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