UMSON Tributes - Honor and Memorial Gifts

Often we search for ways in which to pay tribute to dear family members, friends, colleagues, nurses, caregivers, or for a special event. Tribute gifts—gifts made in memory of or in honor of—are a thoughtful way to remember this special person. Your donation can be designated for any area of work at the University of Maryland School of Nursing (UMSON) that is meaningful to you or to the individual you are honoring or remembering.

Your generous gesture serves as a caring homage while simultaneously advancing the educational mission at UMSON. Your sympathy and kindness today enable the possibilities of first-rate nursing education for current and future students.

UMSON is honored to share in your expression of love, friendship, and appreciation with your gifts. Thank you.

You can make your tribute gift by visiting here.

Individual tribute pages include:

ReAnna Greene Endowed Scholarship

The Dr. Barbara Heller Annual Lecture in Health Policy

The Dr. Joseph Proulx Scholarship

In Memory of Mary Kay Ratigan

The Claudia Smith Community/Public Health Scholarship

Farewell to Kathryn Von Rueden



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Supported by 15 Donations:

  • Silhouette
  • Linda K.
    In memory of Dr. Hughes.
  • Robert P.
    I Gave $250
    In memory of my mentor and first Neurosurgery attending, Dr Hughes will always be remembered for his joy, energy and daring sense of nerve.
  • Debbie C.
  • Anne S.
    Standish family in honor of Dr. James Hughes
  • Jane S.
    I Gave $250
    To honor the life of Dr. James Eugene Opie Hughes
  • Joyce
  • Jerry W.
    Jerry W. '86
    I Gave $500
    I am thrilled to support this most worthwhile lecture and acknowledge Dr. Heller's tremendous contributions to OUR School of Nursing
  • Joshua S.
    I Gave $25
    We are honored to recognize Dr. Barbara Heller for all of her achievements and dedication.
  • Sonya G.
    Sonya G. '79
    This donation is made in honor of Dr. Barbara Heller. Sonya and Jerry Goodman
  • Silhouette
  • James H.
    I Gave $500
  • Rio R.
    Rio R. '96
    I Gave $100
    For leading us forward and upward in Nursing and always being a great resource, Thank you Dr. Heller. Rio Ratermanis BSN Rn. Class of 1996'
  • Patti A.
    Patti A. '92
    For your vision and willingness to take risks on new initiatives and "green" faculty. You are forever etched on my heart and mind.
  • Bernadette D.
    In appreciation of your dedicated service to the University of Maryland School of Nursing, B. Durkin, RN, MS; Class of 1988